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No journalnode to stop

 While i am trying to stop journalnode process it gives no journal node to stop, but journal node is actually running

i executed in the follwing way.

451 jps
3541 journalnode

And i try to stop journal using

apache_hadoop/sbin/ stop journalnode
no journalnode to stop

then i just killed the process and started it again

kill 3541
apache_hadoop/sbin/ start journalnode

and journalnode started normally

This issue not only for journal node , it happens all the nodes in hadoop cluster at some time

Why this issue? and How to solve it?


Master Collaborator


the script reads the pid from here:


and then it tries: 

      TARGET_PID=`cat $pid`
      if kill -0 $TARGET_PID > /dev/null 2>&1; then

So either the path does not exists, and it can't read the pid by "cat" command or the kill -0 does not return 0.