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No options to set SSL on JDBC driver during ambari-server setup


I'm looking at options for ambari-server setup and I don't see anything to enable SSL connectivity. I have automated Chef script that does install so going back to Ambari UI and adjusting JDBC url is not an option even if possible.

I'm going to test a little hack like --databasename=ambari?ssl=true

Usage: action [options]
  Database options (command need to include all options):
    --database=DBMS     Database to use
                        Hostname of database server
                        Database port
                        Database/Service name or ServiceID
                        Database user login
                        Database user password

  JDBC options (command need to include all options):
                        Specifies the path to the JDBC driver JAR file or
                        archive with all required files(jdbc jar, libraries
                        and etc), for the database type specified with the
                        --jdbc-db option. Used only with --jdbc-db option.
                        Archive is supported only for sqlanywhere database.
    --jdbc-db=JDBC_DB   Specifies the database type
                        [postgres|mysql|mssql|oracle|hsqldb|sqlanywhere] for
                        the JDBC driver specified with the --jdbc-driver
                        option. Used only with --jdbc-driver option.

Cloudera Employee

Hi @Andre Piwoni,

As you said, there isn't an option for that, but after the setup you can check the about jdbc related properties maybe you can edit an url there which is generated by the jdbc setup.



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