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NoClassDefFoundError MorphlineCompilationException

NoClassDefFoundError MorphlineCompilationException

New Contributor



I just installed a fresh linux and installed CDH 4.5.0 using the CM.


I copied my flume and solr config files from my previous CDH 4.4.0 image and installed them into 4.5.0.


However, when I try to send a flume event to this new instance, I get a MorphlineCompilationException when Flume is trying to forward to send the event to the MorphlineSolrSink.


This looks like a library issue with the 4.5.0 parsel, however I can't find anything on this forum related to this.


Any ideas how I could fix this?


Thank you!




Re: NoClassDefFoundError MorphlineCompilationException

Master Collaborator

I have moved this thread to our Flume board in hopes that someone in here can assist you.