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Node Not Connected, but logging says otherwise

Node Not Connected, but logging says otherwise

New Contributor

Hi, I've got a bit of a weird situation here.

I'm trying to create a hdf cluster (3 zookeepers, 3 nifi's and a ambari server) with the ansible playbooks provided by by hortonworks-github.

All goes well with an unsecured cluster install. I can change parameters on the ambari server and create/delete flows in the nifi-cluster.

But when i activate the ssl option and subsequently fill in every needed option in ambari, followed by a node restart (securing nifi, enable ssl-port:9443 and installing Nifi CA), i get the following response:

On the nifi website i get the response :

Request could not be completed because the node: su20nifi203a is not connected.

This is highly remarkable, because i see that as the master and is responding to requests from the 201 and 202.

This all is with self signed certificates.

funny thing though, when i remove that particular server the notification goes to the next server in line (which is also promoted to master).

The notification is linked to the master that is elected. so if i have 3 nifi-nodes and the second node is master, the notification is also centered on the second node.

I hope you guys can help me, because I'm at a loss.

thanks in advance