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Non-DFS space issue in CDH-5


Non-DFS space issue in CDH-5



PFB a sample snapshot from the Name Node UI.


The Non-DFS used is showing such a huge value, but there are no files, logs etc in the hadoop directories ( or


So where does this data come from?


And, for example, the total space in the node that I use (example Node is itself 520 GB and the space allocated to the hadoop directory( ) is 420 GB. So from where does the values 1.27 TB and 886.14 GB come from?


Please clarify and let me know how this could be resolved. Thanks!

Name Last contact Admin State Capacity Used Non DFS Used Remaining Blocks Block pool used       2      In Service        265.76 GB   260.83 GB     0 B              4.94 GB    17973         260.83 GB       1      In Service        1.27 TB      396.57 GB    886.14 GB      16.58 GB   28148         396.57 GB       0      In Service        1.27 TB      384.71 GB    854.03 GB      60.55 GB   23165         384.71 GB 0 In Service 265.76 GB 228.84 GB 0 B 36.92 GB 5117 228.84 GB 1 In Service 1.27 TB 258.88 GB 1020.93 GB 19.47 GB 20679 258.88 GB



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