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Non exclusive node labels in yarn

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I have a question about node labels usage...

At the moment, we didn't use this feature on our cluster => all the queues can use resources from all the nodes.

Now, I would like to restrict one queue to a subset of nodes (this nodes having particular rights on our network). In other words, I would like that my previously existing queues continue to use resources from all the nodes of the cluster and that only the new queue is restricted to a sub set of nodes.

I've read around node labels feature, but I'm wondering about one detail : From what I understood, one node can be assigned only one single label => as soon as I will associate "mylabel" to a subset of nodes, these nodes will not have the "default" label anymore, right ?

My question is about all the queues that already existed in our configuration : will they be able to use resources from all the nodes (option 1) or only from the "default" labelled ones (option 2)?

Must I define "mylabel" as "non exclusive" label to fit with option 1 ?

Thanks for your help



Hi, if your labels are tagged as non exclusive then yes your queues will be able to access those resources.

documentation is pretty clear around labeling: take a look at

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Thanks for your reply. Seems a little bit tricky to configure but will give it a try !

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