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Not able to connect from window to cloudera VM

Not able to connect from window to cloudera VM

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I have hadoop mapreduce with spring programe on windows and from windows eclips i am trying to  connect to hdfs://quickstart.cloudera:8020. but no able to connect.

Could you please help me to connect.



Sachin Dhiman


Re: Not able to connect from window to cloudera VM

Master Collaborator
You'll need to make sure that networking is set up correctly between your
host machine and the VM, and then make sure your Windows machine knows
about the quickstart.cloudera hostname.

How you set up networking depends on exactly what hypervisor you're running
(e.g. VirtualBox, VMware Workstation, etc.) so you should consult the
documentation for your software. By default the VM uses a NAT virtual
network adapter which means requests can originate in the VM and get
forwarded by your host to their destination, but you can't get in from the
outside. There are several other adapter types that will allow you to do
what you want, but I prefer to use a 'bridged' adapter, which means the VM
will request an IP address from the same router your host machine is using
and will look like a peer of your host on the network.

Once this is done, you'll need to reboot the VM and get the new IP address.
If you run 'cat /etc/hosts' in the VM it should show you what IP address it
associated the name 'quickstart.cloudera' with for itself. Make sure you
can ping this IP address from your host: sometimes (especially with
VirtualBox) you actually need to reboot twice because on the first boot
after the networking change, the VM won't get an IP address early enough in
the boot, so it has no choice but to associate 'quickstart.cloudera' with Once you can ping the IP address from your host, the only other
thing you need to do is make sure Windows knows that 'quickstart.cloudera'
corresponds to this IP address. I haven't done this myself on Windows, but
the procedure is something like this: Be aware that
when you reboot, the VM may get assigned a different IP address than last

Hope this helps!

Re: Not able to connect from window to cloudera VM

New Contributor

I have set up the second Adapter. still I can not get any inet for eth1.


Windows 10


Oracle Virtual Box: 5.2.6

Clodera version: 5.12.0


Adapter 1 : Intel PRO/1000MT Desktop (NAT)

Adaper 2 : Interl PRO/1000MT Desktop (Host-only Adapter, "VirtualBox Host-Only Ethernet Adapter#2")

Re: Not able to connect from window to cloudera VM

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Are you able to resolve the problem to connect internet from cloudera vm on oracle virtualbox ?

Because I am also having the same proble,.


Thanking you