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Notify/ Wait after store to HDFS

Notify/ Wait after store to HDFS


Hello all..


I would like to set a Notify/Wait logic in my flow.

A file comes in the PG, and it's being flaten out with JOLT. 

I want it to be passed to a second PG only when this file is

  1. successfuly stored on HDFS
  2. successfuly exited the JOLT conversion Group.


Now, i've set up a new attribute called flag after it's stored and after it's successfully converted with JOLT. However, The notify processor is not working as expected.



This is my notify configuration: I'm not sure what to do with the successful relationship here.. do I terminate it or what?


And my wait configuration...



Now.. the after the file is stored as .orc... i need the .json file that's waiting to be passed on to the next process group outside this one. But I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong?






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