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Number format in TERMS panel

Number format in TERMS panel


Hi all,

I would like to change number format on TERMS panel in my Banana dashboard. File size stored in Solr collection field is now in Bytes. I would like to display that number in GB or MB on Banana dashboard. How can I do that. I found TERMS panel source code in Banana folder on Solr server, and probably line of code in module.js file which is responsible to display number. if (item) { var value = scope.panel.chart === 'bar' ? item.datapoint[1] : item.datapoint[1][0][1]; // if (scope.panel.mode === 'count') { // value = value.toFixed(0); // } else { // value = value.toFixed(scope.panel.decimal_points); // } $tooltip .html( kbn.query_color_dot(item.series.color, 20) + ' ' + item.series.label + " (" + dashboard.numberWithCommas(value.toFixed(scope.panel.decimal_points)) +")" ) But after changes to that file, nothing happens. I tried to clear Chrome cache, to restart Solr server and to create new terms panel, but also nothing happens.

Please help me.

BR, Tom

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