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OSError: [Errno 17] File exists


File "/usr/bin/hdp-select", line 391, in <module> setPackages(pkgs, args[2], options.rpm_mode)

File "/usr/bin/hdp-select", line 290, in setPackages os.symlink(target + "/" + dir, linkname)

OSError: [Errno 17] File exists

I'm keeping getting this error for one node on the Ambari installation wizard. Other nodes are fine and free of this error.

This is the node where Ambari-Server also operates. Maybe shouldn't select a ambari-server node as client?

I have totally no clue what's wrong with my cluster design and any help is greatly appreaciated!


@Yu Song

When are you getting this error ?

Is it while starting the ambari agent process ?


@Sagar Shimpi

No, I'm getting this during the HDP service installation via Ambari wizard.

This error happens at any to-be-installed service on a certain node.

Using public repo. on Ubuntu 14.04 - 64bit.

Keep getting this error.

Expert Contributor

@Yu Song Is the host on which your are installing had /usr/hdp directory already present (before starting installation). What is the output of ls -l /usr/hdp/current

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@Yu Song

Can you list down the content of the /usr/hdp directory. If you find any other folder other than current and hdp version (like 2.2.9.xxxx) then remove or move that to /tmp and proceed with installation.

@Yu Song: you can check which service is giving this error.

after that you need to remove the sym link of that service from /usr/hdp/current/ directory and restart the installation of that service.

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@Yu Song

If it is a fresh installation, remove the /usr/hdp folder for the node and then trigger the installation.

But better is run the clean up script and trigger the installation.

Just to add, if any of the component is installed then package of that component will not reinstall, so in case any file of that component is removed from /usr/hdp directory, then start of the service for that particular component will fail.

Correct me if I'm wrong.