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Object-NoSQL Mappers - Hbase


Object-NoSQL Mappers - Hbase


I have searched for tools that allow you to map and handle (java objects) to Hbase. 

I found this:

DataNucleusWhat is your opinion? They know better alternatives?

We can consider Phoenix as an alternative?


Thanks people.


Re: Object-NoSQL Mappers - Hbase

Expert Contributor

Not sure what you are trying to accomplish, so just a brain dump after just a quick bit of research.


Kundera allows you to store/read to multiple types of databases with a JPA interface. DataNucleus looks to do the same thing. I have not used either so I won't offer any thoughts on which is "best"


Phoenix is not a replacement for either of those, as it allows you to do performant SQL queries on your HBase stored data, not using JPA. This would compete with things like Hive, Impala, and Stinger. 


If you are looking for SQL as java and then interacting with HBase, I know of Jooq which presumably could be used to interact with phoenix or the others in it's class above.



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