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On-premise hadoop enterprise data lake in Windows platform

New Contributor

Hello all,

We are going to setup an on-premise hadoop enterprise data lake for the production in Windows platform. We have a windows server 2016. For the project, we are going to use Sqoop, Hive, Tez, Spark, Mapreduce, Oozie, Ranger.

Does Hortonworks provide any distribution with those components for the production windows platform?

How can we setup multi node environment? '

Is having windows OS any issue in the production?

Will it be possible to perform horizontal scalability?

Any cost involved in using these hadoop components in the production?

Please let me know.





@Sriram V

HDP support on Windows I think is deprecated.HDP 2.4 was the last windows edition supported,its strongly advised to run HDP only on supported Linux platforms.

You should look at HDP on Linux or HDInsights Azure I am not sure you will get on-premise support with a custom installation.

Have a look HDInsights which provides open-source frameworks such as Hadoop, Spark, Hive, LLAP, Kafka, Storm, R & more. Azure HDInsight enables a broad range of scenarios such as ETL, Data Warehousing, Machine Learning, IoT and more.

Better still call Hortonworks support 🙂

Hope that helps