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Oozie Job stuck in 'Running' State : Tez Engine



I am running the HDP sandbox. I submitted the Oozie job, in which I am load data from one hive table to another. I have three actions in Oozie job. PIg-action, Shell-action, and hive-action.

Whenever I submitted Oozie job it will execute until shell action, but while loading data from one hive table to another hive action stuck at 'Running' state.

As I have watched on yarn logs. I have noticed that hive-action stuck because of the Tez engine.



Tez session hasn't been created yet. Opening session for a very long time.



Actually, nothing happened even after one hour.


And I have followed below links,


And I noticed that Hadoop 3.0 only supports Tez engine as default and there is require no change to execute on Tez instead of MapReduce.