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[Oozie] Spark action - HCatCredentials defined but ask Hive Server 2 ??

New Contributor


I try to migrate a workflow from HDP 2.6 to HDP3 and it fails with this error:

"CredentialException: E0510: Unable to get Credential [hive.jdbc.url is required to get hive server 2 credential]"
But in my workflow, I have defined only an hcat credential and I use it for my spark action.

It was working on HDP 2.6.

So I don't understand why oozie needs a Hive Server 2 credential.

Can you help me please ?


My workflow:

<credential name="hcatauth" type="hcat">
<start to="clean" />
<action name="clean" cred="hcatauth" retry-max="0" retry-interval="0" >
<spark xmlns="uri:oozie:spark-action:0.1">



New Contributor

I have the same issue after kerberizing cluster while running Oozie job


Maybe you need to put hive.jdbc.url to your workflow.xml properties?

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