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Oozie Workflow - Hive actions stuck in RUNNING state

New Contributor

So I have a Workflow which forks of 5 HIVE actions.


When I look at the status of each of these actions they are stuck in RUNNING, they never FAIL, SUSPEND or SUCCEED.


If I modify the Workflow to only have 3 HIVE actions then everything works fine as expected and the hive actions SUCCEED.


I am think this is some sort of resources limitation or setting but am not sure what it is or where to check/change?


Below is one actions HIVE Configuration in the Workflow. There are 5 of these in total


<hive xmlns="uri:oozie:hive-action:0.2">


I am not sure if and what I should be setting the mapred.reduce.tasks and value too and if it makes a difference. I read that if set to -1 one the correct number of tasks will be calculated?


I have seen this error on occasions in the Job Error Log but am not sure what it means or how to resolve : WARN ResumeXCommand:523 - SERVER[ip-*.*.ec2.internal] USER[hdfs] GROUP[-] TOKEN[] APP[s3-wf-forked] JOB[0000118-191014051313813-oozie-oozi-W] ACTION[] E1100: Command precondition does not hold before execution, [workflow's status is RUNNING is not SUSPENDED], Error Code: E1100


As well as this error in the Coordinator which launches the Workflow : No actions to start for jobId=0000117-191014051313813-oozie-oozi-C as max concurrency reached!


Any suggestions appreciated