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Oozie Workflow progress bars in Hue 4.4.0 - CDH6.3.0

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Hello Community, after upgrading from CDH 5.11 to CDH 6.3 I've noticed that when launching an Oozie Workflow from the HUE GUI, I can't see the "progress bars" on the single Actions making up a Workflow Graph.


I have just one progress bar in the last Action of the Graph, but it doesn't help in understanding the real progress in complex Workflows made up of many sub-actions, maybe taking place in parallel etc.


It shouldn't be a browser issue, as I've tried on Chrome, Safari and Firefox


Am I doing something wrong here? Configurations parameters that I should set up in HUE 4.4.0 Config, Oozie Config etc?


Thanks in advance for any hints and helpful insights!


Expert Contributor

Since no one responded back, responding to this.  This is a defect and is addressed via HUE-9110