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Oozie coordinator run action from last to first


Oozie coordinator run action from last to first

New Contributor



Is there any way to materialize actions on coordinator by backwards?


For example, I have a coordinator that start from 2017-01-01 to 2018-01-01 and executing actions for every day.

Normally it's materialize action for 2017-01-01 and goes on, but i want to the coordinator materialize and execute action for 2018-01-01 then, 2017-12-31 ...


Firstly I tried to set Start-date=2018-01-01 and End-date=2017-01-01 for Coordinator, but it won't accept cause start-date must be greater then end-date.


My second attemp is to set Execution=LIFO (oldest first), but Coordinator start to materialize from 2017-01-01 and materialization all actions for 365 day is too slow. So it is not as i wanted.



Ali Nadi