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Oozie fails with sqoop --hive-import only

Oozie fails with sqoop --hive-import only

New Contributor

Hi, i have a trouble with Hue Console.

If i insert this script on Sqoop Editor:

sqoop import --connect jdbc:mysql://hostname:3306/meteo --username xxxx--password xxxx--table METEO_CM --hive-import --m 1 --hive-database meteo;

and execute it, I view: 

Job was KILLED under text editor.


In log i view Job SUCCEEDED but in Workflows status KILLED with this error in LOG:


Hadoop Jobs launched : [job_1529652692547_0493]
action completed, external ID [job_1529652692547_0492]
Launcher ERROR, reason: Main class [org.apache.oozie.action.hadoop.SqoopMain], exit code [1]
 ERROR is considered as FAILED for SLA
 No results found


if i remove:

--hive-import and --hive-database meteo it work correctly.


Do you have a tips for me?

How to increase the LOG? there is a DEBUG log information?


Thanks for help


Re: Oozie fails with sqoop --hive-import only

Master Guru
You'll need to check the stdout/stderr logs of job_1529652692547_0492 (it will have 1 map task, check the logs for just that map task) for the specific full error on why Sqoop fails.

If I had to guess from your description of it only happening when you involve Hive, it may be due to the fact that you're not passing a hive-site.xml file along with your shell/sqoop action. Within Oozie, Sqoop will not be aware of how to contact Hive services unless the configuration file is explicitly passed.