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Oozie job stuck at Hive-shell.

Oozie job stuck at Hive-shell.


Hi All, 

I am sunning Oozie job on the local sandbox.

I am stuck at the point, where I am executing Hive-job. Below is my flow,


start --> shell-action  -->  Pig-action --> Hive-action --> shell-action --> Hive-action --> end.


The problem is, my whole boh get executed until last hive job. I have looked into yarn logs, and I come to know Tez session not started yet. And my job still in running mode after almost 45mins.

Why this Tez session taking too much time to start ?? 

I tried this hive-action in hive-shell without Oozie workflow.




INFO : Executing command(queryId=hive_xxxxxx_xxxxx_xxxx_xxx): < query_line1>.
INFO : Query ID = hive_xxxxxx_xxxxx_xxxx_xxx
INFO : Total jobs = 1
INFO : Launching Job 1 out of 1
INFO : Starting task [Stage-1:MAPRED] in serial mode
INFO : Subscribed to counters: [] for queryId: hive_xxxxxx_xxxxx_xxxx_xxx
INFO : Tez session hasn't been created yet. Opening session
End of LogType:stderr.This log file belongs to a running container (container_e03_xxxxxx_xxxx_xxx) and so may not be complete.

please kindly go through it and help me to resolve this issue.




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