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Oozie schema SA does not exist

Oozie schema SA does not exist

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I have installed CDH using Cloudera Manager. I have got the other components working, except Oozie. When I try to run Oozie, I get the "Schema SA does not exist". I am using Derby as the backend DB.


While searching online for any solutions, one of the suggestions was to run I ran it first as " create -run" and later again as "sudo -u oozie create -run", but I am still running into the same issues. Oozie server is trying to find a schema with the name same as Oozie server database user.  


Where can I start troubleshooting this error? 


Re: Oozie schema SA does not exist

Master Guru
You can attempt a DB creation via Cloudera Manager:

1. Stop Oozie from CM
2. Go to CM -> Oozie -> Actions, and select "Create Database"
3. Once done, start Oozie
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