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Oozie spark action vs spark-submit (command line)

Oozie spark action vs spark-submit (command line)

New Contributor

Oozie Spark-Action workflow taking more time to finish compared to spark-submit:

I'm trying to run Spark-SQL Scala jar , if I execute the jar using spark-submit it is taking 2 min for the same jar if i execute it through Oozie Spark -Action job is running for 12 min .

I'm running the jar with same number of executors/ exec memory/ driver memory /driver cores / yarn mode in both spark-submit and Oozie spark-action.

I even tried giving different memory settings while running Oozie Spark -Action (OOZIE_MAP_REDUCE_JAVA_OPTS ) but nothing worked.

Do we need to give more memory for oozie while running Oozie SPARK-Action Job or are there any oozie -spark settings ?

Thanks for the help!!


Re: Oozie spark action vs spark-submit (command line)

@Bmwer Bmwer

Oozie spark action will use the same resources as spark-submit command. Additionally oozie runs a launcher job which internally submits the job. You may want to compare both the runs and see where exactly the job is taking time and try to mitigate that.

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