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Oozie workflow-app name as a variable is not valued

Hi community,

I have an oozie workflow defined on a workflow.xml. I also have a .properties file to set all variables that are used in workflow.xml. One of the variables is the workflow name; so in my properties file, I have something like:


On my workflow xml file, I have:

<workflow-app name="${WF_APP_NAME}" xmlns="uri:oozie:workflow:0.5">

My workflow runs fine but I am facing an issue I am not able to fix. When checking oozie job log files, I have something like bellow where workflow app name is not interpreted:

2019-03-20 15:14:27,753 INFO HiveActionExecutor:520 - SERVER[] USER[myUser] GROUP[-] TOKEN[] APP[${WF_APP_NAME}] JOB[0000027-190312164446810-oozie-oozi-W] ACTION[0000027-190312164446810-oozie-oozi-W@action_name] checking action, hadoop job ID [job_1550051771128_0043] status [RUNNING]

All the variables in workflow xml file are interpreted except those in a xml header like name="${variable}", so I have to hard code it. Am I missing somthing for this to work ?

Thank you and regards.