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OpenJDK certification for CDH

New Contributor


According to Cloudera documentation CDH supports only Oracle JDK.

Going forward Oracle stops delivering Oracle JDK 8 updates after January 2019. 
Beside this upcoming LTS release 11 will not be available for download for free.

Is there any change in Cloudera certification regarding Java or it will be required to be paying Oracle customer to run CDH?
Thank you!!

Cloudera Employee

There is currently work-in-progress thing to certify some of the OpenJDK versions against Cloudera suite of products. We can expect the official announcement once the testing and certification are complete for the future CM/CDH releases.

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This is an issue concerning a lot of installations all around the world.

My company is very worried about it and you, as Cloudera, should resolve it before Oracle deadline!



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We too need to know when OpenJDK will be supported by CDH.


Since there should be no perceivable difference between the Oracle JDK and OpenJDK (they are built using the same source code), this should be a no-brainer.


We don't want to have to pay for the Oracle JDK subscription and want to move to OpenJDK ASAP.


We'd like confirmation that Cloudera will support OpenJDK and that all OpenJDK builders/distributors will be supported (i.e. AdoptOpenJDK, Red Hat OpenJDK etc.)


Please advise ASAP.


AdoptOpenJDK and Red Hat OpenJDK 11 is available for download now.


We have customers looking for this same situation. We want some official answers please. Or any advise would be good.


We have migrated our QA cluster and we aint facing any issue at least now . 

Parallely our Apps are also migrating , I believe we would probably need full test run before moving . 

I can keep you posted if anything comes along our way . But now the cluster is doing good. 


My team did the same last week, to test the expected behaviour. We didn't notice anything weird or unusual. Still, this was made in a couple of Virtual Machines... doing this in production without any reference from Cloudera, feels a bit... dangerous. 🙂 

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It looks like last version of CDH 5 (5.16) got the OpenJDK support.


Waiting for the next CDH 6 version to have OpenJDK support too.




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We have started the process of certifying certain OpenJDK versions for some releases of CDH. However full JDK feature convergance between the Oracle JDK and OpenJDK is not planned to occur until OpenJDK 11.

Customer Operations Engineer | Security SME | Cloudera, Inc.