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OpenTSDB - Security capabilities

Expert Contributor

Hi All - I'm looking for information on security capabilities in OpenTSDB (eg. restricting access to OpenTSDB data based on specific users/user-groups etc. - on HDP 2.4 or later ) Is there documentation around that ? Pls. share.


Re: OpenTSDB - Security capabilities

Hi @Karan Alang

OpenTSDB uses HBase underneath to store data. HBase can be secured using HBase security tools or Ranger. This is more database security level.

However, I am not aware of any application layer security in OpenTSDB (authentication, control access to graphs etc). You can read from the FAQ:

OpenTSDB was written for internal use only, to help engineers and operations staff understand and manage large computer systems. It hasn't been through any security review and does not included authentication. We don't recommend that you give direct access to the TSD to untrusted users. If you really want to leverage the TSD's graphing features, we recommend that you put the TSD behind a secured HTTP proxy that only allows specific requests to go through.