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Oracle 11g production data integration with Skool

New Contributor

Hi, I have been looking around for tools to integrate a running Oracle production system into HortonWorks hadoop (Hive ??) I have found Skool. Has anyone tried this before? and if so, has anyone run spark-sql against the database?

The database is the primary production database at a central Hospital, so I am a little shy in doing something untried or tested.

Many thanks.


Hi @Keith Belcher Skool is indeed designed to extract data from Oracle and ingest it into Hive tables for then native access from spark-sql, Hive or any other engine that can read the Hive tables.

I've reached out to the Skool team to find out the current state of the code as it doesn't seem to have been updated in a little while, but I'll reach back out when I hear from them.

Hope that helps.

New Contributor

Thanks that would be great.

New Contributor