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Oracle Business Intelligence with Impala

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We are considering conecting OBIEE with Impala as the primary data source.

From the Oracle side, Impala seems to be certified, but Im wondering if there are some real use cases examples, potential problems etc..


Any tips or information will be welcome




Re: Oracle Business Intelligence with Impala

Import Cloudera Impala Tables to OBIEE Repository [Solved]

Recently i  had an opportunity to work on a demo where the OBIEE data source was Cloudera Impala. So had to create a new ODBC source to import Impala tables to OBIEE repository. So here are the steps.

First you need to install the ODBC Driver for windows from Cloudera's Page. Now install the Driver



Installing is basically a very easy task. Advisable to gracefully stop BI Services before Installing as the Installer might ask you to stop Oracle Application Server.Sample_Cloudera_Impala_DSN_in_ODBC2.jpg




Check for Sample DSN Conneciton
Once you are done with ODBC driver installation go to run > ODBC and check if you have an entry named 'Sample Cloudera Impala DSN' to confirm that the driver Installation has successfully completed.

Now click to add a new System DSN and select Cloudera Impala Driver as seen in the image below,

Cloudera_ODBC_Impala_Connector_Driver 3.jpg




Select Cloudera Impala Driver from the list of drivers

Next provide connection details to your Cloudera Impala Server as seen below.


                                      Cloudera_Impala_ODBC_Connection_Configuration 4.jpg
Default port for Cloudera Impala is 21050. Once you are done giving the details for the connection click on test to test connectivity as seen below,

 Test_Cloudera_Impala_ODBC_Connection 5.jpg





Now go to the OBIEE repository and Import metadata as shown below, Select the recently created Impala ODBC data source and proceed.

OBIEE_Import_Metadata_Cloudera_Impala 6.jpg



OBIEE_Import_Impala_Metadata 7.jpgOBIEE_Import_Impala_Tables_to_Repository 8.jpg


 Select the Impala Tables to imported and Click Finish. Check the Physical Layer of the repository to see if the Impala Table has been successfully imported. You can use view data to feature to confirm the connection correctly.OBIEE_Cloudera_Impala_Table_Physical_Layer 9.jpg