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Oryx 2 ALS convergence

Oryx 2 ALS convergence


Hi Sean,


We had good experience using Oryx 1 and are moving toward to use Oryx 2.

One thing we notice is the iteration convergence settings.

In Oryx 1, there is a value to control this : convergence-threshold.


However, it seems in Oryx 2, the only way to control the converge is something like max-iteration..

My guess is that SparkML does not support convergence-threshold.

Oryx 2 uses SparkML ALS. So, it does not support that.


Do you plan to support convergence-threshold in the future Oryx2 product roadmap ?





Re: Oryx 2 ALS convergence

Master Collaborator

Exactly, the problem is that it is not supported by MLlib. There is a lot of advantage to using MLlib instead of making a new implementation. However this is a problem since most incremental updates should just need a few iterations.


I will look at whether it's possible to run several MLlib jobs of a few iterations each and assess convergence in Oryx. Maybe that's actually pretty easy. It will depend on whether it's easy to set the initial feature vector and I haven't looked at that in a while.


For now, yes it means you have to make a whole new model from scratch each time and have to run a fair number of iterations each time.


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