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Outer-Join two CSV

Outer-Join two CSV

New Contributor


field_1, field_2, gender
aaa,bbb, 0
aaa,bbb, 1


id, gender
0, Female
1, Male


field_1, field_2 , gender
aaa,bbb, Female
aaa,bbb, Male

My fileflow:

GetFile -> SplitText ->Extract Text

I have two CSV files (book_1 and book_2) and I want to create a new csv ( new_book) that contains the gender in Male Female instead of 1 and 2.

But I have no idea on how to do it.


Re: Outer-Join two CSV

Super Guru

@João Bernardo

You can use either QueryRecord processor with SQL kind of case statements


LookUp record processor with simplekeyvaluelookup service


ReplaceTextwithMapping processor

Please refer to this link for more details usage of these processors.

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