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Over clarification in Piggy Bank


How to apply rows between unbounded preceding and unbounded following in Pig?

Currently, I am using below code calculate the cumulative sum:

A = load 'T' AS (si:chararray, i:int, d:long, f:float, s:chararray);
 C = foreach (group A by si) {
     Aord = order A by d;
     generate flatten(Stitch(Aord, Over(Aord.f, 'sum(float)')));
 D = foreach C generate s, $5;This is equivalent to the SQL statement
select s, sum(f) over (partition by si order by d) from T;

I know I need to modify the Over(Aord.f, 'sum(float)' clause but not sure what exactly I need to do?



Hi Experts

Any Input on my clarifications?