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Overriding HDFS replication for Cloudera Search


Overriding HDFS replication for Cloudera Search

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I  want to enable a replication of 3 for hdfs.I am also using cloudera search  to index data from hbase on to solr cloud via lily.I have a single collection  and plan to  have 6 solr shards with replication factor of  3 in solr.Since the solr index is going to be stored on hdfs I assume there will be 9 copies of the same data.How can I  over come this problem.Is there some way to tell  hdfs not to replicate this data?.Considering the volume of data we have I do not want to  maintain so much of repated data.







Re: Overriding HDFS replication for Cloudera Search

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I have exactly same question - how do Solr replication and HDFS replication work together (or not) when Solr indices are stored on HDFS? Appreciate any insights!





Re: Overriding HDFS replication for Cloudera Search

HDFS replication is managed site wide, you can however change replication factor on individual files via the hdfs cli tool:

"hadoop fs -setrep -R 1 /solr" - would set replication factor to 1 for all files under /solr

new files howover will again adhere to the site wide setting. I guess you will need to run this regularly if your index updates and you don't want a site wide adjustment.
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