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Parcel error on ubuntu trusty



I tried to install cdh 5.4 on  ami-a8d86fc0 ubuntu trusty.


I see these errors and more.


Local parcel error for parcel SPARK-0.9.0-1.cdh4.6.0.p0.98-trusty : Parcel not available for OS Distribution UBUNTU_TRUSTY.

Local parcel error for parcel IMPALA-2.1.0-1.impala2.0.0.p0.1995-trusty : Parcel not available for OS Distribution UBUNTU_TRUSTY.


Dear Srini,

following are the possible distribution suffixes, please follow the naming convention according to your OS.



Possible distro suffixes

  • el5: Redhat Enterprise Linux 5 and clones (CentOS, Scientific Linux, etc)
  • el6: Redhat Enterprise Linux 6 and clones (CentOS, Scientific Linux, etc)
  • sles11: SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 11.x
  • lucid: Ubuntu Linux 10.04 LTS (No CDH 5.x parcel provided)
  • precise: Ubuntu Linux 12.04 LTS
  • squeeze: Debian 6.x (No CDH 5.x parcel provided))
  • wheezy: Debian 7.x (Newly supported in CM 5. No CDH 4.x parcel provided)


  • CDH-5.0.0-0.cdh5b1.p0.57-squeeze.parcel
  • IMPALA-1.2.3-1.p0.97-el6.parcel




I used cloudera manager, I did not download parcels on my own.

Super Guru

Spark and Impala are part of the main CDH parcel.  The errors are because the default parcel URLs point to the old parcel locations when spark and Impala were not part of CDH.


To stop the errors from happening, go into Cloudera Manager, Navigate to "Administration > Settings"


In the Search field, search for "parcels".


Locate Remote Parcel Repository URLs


Remove the following URLs:




The errors themselves should not indicate a functional problem, but the above should address.


- Ben

Super Guru

Actually, now that I think about it... what version of CDH are you managing with Cloudera Manager?  What were you trying to do when you got those error messages?


cdh 5.4 , installed core with spark

please also see my realted post


New Contributor

you can try another parcels repository url, from the menu Administration -> Settings, and search for keywords 'parcels', the and the parcel repository url of spark2, which is


if you want to install spark2, you can read this page


hope helpful for you !