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Parquet Decimal Datatype Returning an Error in Impala

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We are having an issue reading tables in Impala with datatype Decimal (1,1). The error is:


column 'DECIMAL_1_1' has an invalid type length. Expecting: 1 len in file 4 


 We have two Cloudera clusters (CDH 6.3.3). This error only occurs in the 2nd cluster.


We write data into Parquet files through IBM Datastage.


I run the same job in both clusters to examine the parquet files schema using parquet-tools schema , and I found this:


In the 1st cluster, in the parquet file the schema of the column causing the issue is:

optional int32 DECIMAL_1_1 (DECIMAL(1,1));


However, in the 2nd cluster:

optional fixed_len_byte_array(4) DECIMAL_1_1 (DECIMAL(1,1));



We need to understand why the type is fixed_len_byte_array(4) in this parquet while it's int32 in the other. Apparently the fixed_len_byte_array(4) is causing the issue with Impala.


Expert Contributor

@MeshalYou are hitting the below bug.

Let me know if you have any concerns.

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Thanks @balajip 


I have checked that page already while I was looking for a solution. But what I would like to understand why the 2 parquet files have different types for the DECIMAL(1,1), although both are created using the same job but in another cluster.

Expert Contributor

@Meshal Thanks for your response.

please check how the table was created in both clusters? Run show create table and compare the output.

you can get a patch for this IMPALA-7087 in CDH 6.3.3

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