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Parquet and Avro together.

Parquet and Avro together.

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I have been reading about Parquet and I'm familiar with Avro.

I don't get to understand when it could be pretty good to use Parquet + Avro instance Parquet with textFile and what advantages could have Parquet + Avro. It seems that most people use Parquet + plainText.


Doesn't it make sense to use Parquet + Avro together?









Re: Parquet and Avro together.

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I have used  the combination in cases where the data model was changing over time and where it was complex.Its pretty easy to create an avro schema and the java bindings..There are cases where avro is a best fit over parquet.In case you are not sure it may be worthwhile to start with avro,do performace analysize and you can always change to parquet  very easily.