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ParseException while executing query with Bind variable without database qualifier

New Contributor

Using the Impala ODBC driver (2.6.14), I'm getting ParseException while executing a Select statement with Bind variable without the database name qualifier before table name.



  1. In ODBC driver configuration I remove the database name field and leave it blank
  2. I execute Use database command to set the database context (i.e. "use testDb")
  3. When I execute below Select statement with Bind variable I get ParseException

"select * from address where address_id = ?"


impala parse2.png

In the same scenario, If I execute the same Select statement without the Bind variable (e.g. address_id = 3) it works fine.

The Select statement with Bind variable also works fine if I add database name qualifier e.g.:
"select * from testDb.address where address_id = ?"


Is this a known issue for Impala ODBC driver?

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