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Pass Pig relation value inside curl command

Pass Pig relation value inside curl command



I want to push only log message to external service using Pig script .I wrote a pig script which fetch log messages which is stored in Pig relation(errorLogs) . now i want to pass Pig relation(errorLogs) value inside curl command.

I tried using below script :

REGISTER /usr/hdp/;
data = LOAD '/logFiles/test.log' USING'^(\\S+)\\s+(\\S+)\\s+(\\S+)\\s+(.*)$') AS (datefield:chararray,timefield:chararray,loglevel:chararray,logmessage:chararray);
logs = FOREACH data GENERATE $0 as datefield,$1 as timefield,$2 as loglevel,$3 as logmessage;
errorLogs = FILTER logs BY loglevel == 'ERROR';
g = group errorLogs all;
%declare LOG `curl -X POST -H "accept: application/json" -H "authorization:authorization-token-value" -H "cache-control: no-cache" -H "content-type: multipart/form-data"  -F "title=$errorLogs.logmessage" -F "description=TEST descirption"`
result = foreach g GENERATE '$LOG';

But it throws below error while executing %declare statement :

ERROR org.apache.pig.impl.PigContext - Undefined parameter rorLogs

ERROR - ERROR 2997: Encound IOException. Undefined peter : errorLogs

I am getting issue while passing Pig relation value inside curl command. How to pass Pig relation value inside curl command?

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