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Passing Parameters from SSRS to Hive

Hi guys,

Have any of you tried this?

Im using SSRS for my reporting and im using hive as source.

Thank you.


Expert Contributor

do you mean query parameters ex. where transaction_dt=[date from parameter] , like that. SSRS has the capability to create parameters on reports.

For example sir is, select * from table where date = @date;

Hive is not reading that style of parameter. I've searched that they are making somewhat like ${hiveconf:param}, but if i do that, there is an error in ssrs.

Expert Contributor

i think you can add date, as a parameter in your sirs report and query, SSRS will replace it for you at runtime.

Expert Contributor

may be date is a reserved word, try some other name like @mydate

No sir, its just a sample. any param name causes error.

Expert Contributor

please provide the error and some screenshots if possible


Hi @regie canada,

You can use ? to pass the parameters in place of the usual @.

Using @ is specific to Transact-SQL. The driver supports SQL-92 syntax where parameter markers in the SQL statement are expected to be question marks.


Rohit Rai Malhotra

New Contributor


Has anyone been able to get the parameter from SSRS sent over to HIVE using HortonWorks ??

I am facing the same issue as posted above and have tried $ and ? and both does not work - attached are the error that popup....

Any suggestions ??

Goal to acheive : Pick a parameter value from Paramert of SSRS report and send to HIVE through Hortonworks



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