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Password reset of admin for all those places where admin password is used.


I want to reset my admin password for all the major components of Ambari namely, the ambari webui, mysql, smartsense, ranger etc. After I reset the password of all these places (for the admin user), what places are to be updated after such a reset is done so that my cluster doesn't get affected.. might be those places from where the admin password is being referred? Or the system updates such all those places on its own and we don't need to make any manual changes? I need to check if this won't pose a problem before all the password reset..and none of my services will get affected.
thanks in advance.


Super Mentor

@Vani Deeppak

There is no common place / configuration to update all the individual components password just using one call or using a single config for an already created cluster.

You will have to change the passwords one by one for those components and also some of the components might require a restart after making the password change so you will need to be prepared for a maintenance window.


@Jay Kumar SenSharmaThank you so much for your swift response , I wanted to confirm one thing more. If, for example I reset my admin password for mysql/ranger will that affect any service because I have database of ranger, oozie and ambari in that or in case of ranger i have policies for services there. I think not but just wanted to confirm.
Also. if there does not exist any common place / configuration to update all the individual components can i achieve this with a script? using curl commands to call to change password?