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Permissions in Hue File Browser

Permissions in Hue File Browser

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I am using CDH 5.2 on RHEL 6.5.


i did not enable acl's in hdfs in one cluster but on the secure(with kerberos and sentry) cluster i did enable acl's


Te thing is whenever i am trying to change the permissions(restricted) of any file/folder in unsecured cluster it still is abling me to create files and folders from other username but on secured cluster when i give resterictive permissions,it wont allow me enter into the folder/file of any other.




is this because of acl's of one needs kerberos to make file browser permissions to work as expected. 


Re: Permissions in Hue File Browser

Kerberos and ACLs are two independent things.

You need to check the perms of the folders, see if you belong to the same
group etc.

'hdfs' user is the only super user in HDFS.


Re: Permissions in Hue File Browser

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Hi Romain,


after enabling acl's in hdfs the permissions worked as expected.

if they were not enabled i was still able to make the folders in the directory with 700 rwx------ access.