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Permissions of Folders in the sentry.hdfs.integration.path.prefixes list

New Contributor

When I set a folder path in the sentry.hdfs.integration.path.prefixes list (hdfs configuration) does Sentry automatically set the permissions of all parent folders with execute permission so that a user can be allowed to access data in a child folder? For example, if I put /data/level1/level2 in the sentry.hdfs.integration.path, am I required to manually set +x permissions in /data and /data/level1 for my group or user I want to allow access to data in /data/level1/level2? The documentation seems to imply Sentry manages all permissions of folders in the sentry.hdfs.integration.path list but I don't know if that applies to just the lowest level in the path or all levels in the path? Can someone help clarify this for me?


Thanks, Tim


New Contributor

To be more specific, in our case /data is in the sentry.hdfs.integration.path.prefixes list, and our data is in /data/level1/level2. Is it necessary or even allowed to change permissions of /data or /data/level1?