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Phoenix Write is too Slow

Phoenix Write is too Slow

New Contributor


When I use phoenix write on Gloable index table, I Find can't Write table with this speed 500/s。 but when I use phoenix write on table without inex.

There is no problems. Write speed is High as hbase write speed。Why?

My hdp is 2.4 phoenix version is 4.4 , I use jdbc write data in Tomcat server。

My HBase cluster is with seven region servers. Each region server have 8 g heapspace。 each Machine is 14g memory。

My hbase cluster parameter like this:


when I Write data I find some phenomenon like this。

t first, the writing speed is very fast, a few minutes later, it becomes very slow 。I use ambari .Grafana It was the same as writing pressure from 19:12, but the amount of data received by Region server was normal for a few minutes, and then quickly became smaller again


I Think The reason for the slow write of Phoenix is that it handles the index, but does not know how to adjust the parameters

My hbase montor like this


When slow I find this log in region server log

WARN [B.defaultRpcServer.handler=78,queue=18,port=16020] ipc.RpcServer: (responseTooSlow): {"call":"Multi(org.apache.hadoop.hbase.protobuf.generated.ClientProtos$MultiRequest)","starttimems":1483770756522,"responsesize":1822,"method":"Multi","processingtimems":45257,"client":"","queuetimems":0,"class":"HRegionServer"}

who can help me? Look forward to your solutions and help!


Re: Phoenix Write is too Slow

Super Guru

How many concurrent connections? writes?

I have been seeing go response with consistent writes from NiFi -> Phoenix on ingest of real-time tweets.

Are you seeing any core dumps? low memory? any weird network things?


Re: Phoenix Write is too Slow

New Contributor

1.connection not many

2. i have see write dump -jdbc tomcat server ,I see many thread is waitig hbase client write table,

like this


Re: Phoenix Write is too Slow

Super Guru

can you try increasing the following parameters

index.builder.threads.max = 20
index.writer.threads.max = 20

can you also provide some details on the volumes of data you are upserting?

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