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Phoenix query server not installing

Super Guru

I am using cloudbreak to launch simple instance of spark and hbase for HDP 3.0. Spark and hbase are install and running; however, phoenix query server is not available or was not installed. I create a custom blueprint and have phoenix query server in the blueprint. Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

The blueprint is here:

I am able to manually install PQS via ambari host page. However, why is PQS not installed automtically when I have it called out in the blueprint.


Super Collaborator

Check the ambari-server log whether something prevented it to install. At first glance there is no problems in your blueprint.

Super Guru

@Sergey Soldatov I appreciate you taking a quick glance. It was user error (me). I have PQS in compute host group but was not launching any instances for that type via cloudbreak. I moved PQS over to master host group and boom! it's there.

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