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PhoenixIOException happended when system.stats update


Hello~ I got a PhoenixIOException after system.stats Table update~

( Error Message : ERROR 1108 (XCL08): Cache of region boundaries are out of date )

So, I research about the problem in this community and I found the similiar case( Title is

What will happen if we drop view and recrete in Phoenix )

Yes. When the PhoenixIOException is happened, just delete SYSTEM.STATS table , It is OK

But SYSTEM.STATS is updating continuous, so PhoenixIOException is happened continuous too..

What is the best solution about that?

Just Keep deleting SYSTEM.STAT forever? Or Drop SYSTEM.STATS?

If drop SYSTEM.STATS table, the query will be slower or other problem?

Develop Environment

- Phoenix 4.7 + HBase 1.1.2

- Phoenix Index : Local Index

Thank you in advancd


Did your query work fine if you don't use the index? like with /*+no_index*/ hint.
If it is failing with index only, then It may be possible that your local index got corrupted due to a split or something, have you tried dropping and creating it again or can you try upgrading the cluster to latest version.


Thank you for your comment.

I tried hint clause , but error is still happen.

But sqlline command tool is working. When I am using sqlline, select clause is working..

Why sqlline is ok? and Why zeppelin is not ok?

Thank you one more ^^ your response..

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