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Phoenixdb FetchAll not working and returning empty list

New Contributor

@Timothy SpannThe queries like upsert are working fine and data is getting inserted into tables but when I execute a select query and print result, it shows empty.

The output which I am getting for this is [ ].

I have checked with and have seen that the table has 2 rows.

  1. import phoenixdb
  2. database_url ='http://localhost:8765/'
  3. conn = phoenixdb.connect(database_url, autocommit=True)
  4. cursor = conn.cursor()
  5. cursor.execute("upsert into users values(2,'user')")
  6. cursor.execute("select * from users")
  7. print cursor.fetchall()

I have read your previous answer. Could you tell me how to restart the query server and with with the phoenix.queryserver.serialization parameter set to JSON.


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Super Guru

New Contributor

Thanks a lot Timothy.