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Pig Risk Factor - Job failed to start (File /tmp/.pigjobs/riskfactorpig_15-04-2017-17-57-04/stderr not found.)

Hey guys,

i'm working on the sandbox tutorial and i got stuck at the risk factor analysis with pig. After trying to execute the script i get the following error:

Job failed to start.

Log says the following:

File /tmp/.pigjobs/riskfactorpig_15-04-2017-17-57-04/stderr not found.

Can anyone help? I do not understand why the file could not be found...

Somehow data was written into the Hive table....



I got the same error trying to execute the same script, but did not get the "Job failed to start" message. My script appeared to start - the status bar showed "Running" - but the job would not complete. The log had the same message:

File /tmp/.pigjobs/riskfactorpig_01-11-2017-15-18-50/stderr not found


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