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Pig UDF with External Jars

Pig UDF with External Jars


Dear Experts,


I have read that external jars or libraries used in Java Pig UDFs can be registered the following way:

* REGISTER ../path/library.jar

* pig -Dpig.additional.jars=/local/path/to/your.jar


However I was writing a my SHA1 UDF based on Apache Commons Codec and wasn't succesful in registering this. I had the error that the method sha1hex could not be found. I had the following maven dependencies:






Maybe the issue lies in dependency conflicts, both Apache commons-lang3 and commons-codec are also contained in the piggybank dependency; but these are pretty old. Eventually I ended up deleting the two apache dependencies and use the libs/jars already contained in Piggybank.


Why wasn't I able to REGISTER my external jars? How can I register them succesfully?


thanks for your help!





Re: Pig UDF with External Jars

Master Guru
Please post your Pig grunt log, which will carry the specific exception that prevented your JAR from being registered.