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Pig script is stuck in running mode for a long time

I am using the below code in pig view in Ambari Server as described in:

drivers = LOAD 'drivers.csv' USING PigStorage(',');
raw_drivers = FILTER drivers BY $0>1;
drivers_details = FOREACH raw_drivers GENERATE $0 AS driverId, $1 AS name;
timesheet = LOAD 'timesheet.csv' USING PigStorage(',');
raw_timesheet = FILTER timesheet by $0>1;
timesheet_logged = FOREACH raw_timesheet GENERATE $0 AS driverId, $2 AS hours_logged, $3 AS miles_logged;
grp_logged = GROUP timesheet_logged by driverId;
sum_logged = FOREACH grp_logged GENERATE group as driverId,
SUM(timesheet_logged.hours_logged) as sum_hourslogged,
SUM(timesheet_logged.miles_logged) as sum_mileslogged;
join_sum_logged = JOIN sum_logged by driverId, drivers_details by driverId;
join_data = FOREACH join_sum_logged GENERATE $0 as driverId, $4 as name, $1 as hours_logged, $2 as miles_logged;
dump join_data;

I coped drivers.csv and timesheet.csv into my home directory in /user/admin.

The Problem is that, once I am executing this Pig script, it stuck in RUNNING mode for a long time. What is the issue?


@Mike Bit

Did you find a solution for this problem? I'm facing the same issue..


Unfortunately, on. I left it.

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