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Piglatin to dump nested json data

Piglatin to dump nested json data

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May you please help in the following problem.


My problem is to dump nested json schema


and i also want to manipulate one column(text column: to remove \n) 


but i want to solve the first problem first. 


REGISTER hdfs://***;
REGISTER hdfs://***;

a = load '/user/maxxx/data/test.json' using JsonLoader('filter_level:chararray, retweeted_status:tuple(contributors:chararray, text:chararray, geo:chararray, retweeted:chararray, in_reply_to_screen_name:chararray, possibly_sensitive:chararray, truncated:chararray, lang:chararray), truncated:chararray)');

c = foreach a generate filter_level, retweeted_status:tuple(contributors, text);

dump c;


Re: Piglatin to dump nested json data

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Hello, I have moved this thread to the Pig discussion board in the hopes that someone in here can assist you.  Thank you!