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Plot every Timestamp on X-axis on Line chart via Zeppelin

Hi All, I am using %Presto interpreter. I want to plot each and every timestamp in the table on the X-axis. In my table i have around millions of Rows. I want to plot all the columns against Time. Please find attached screenshot:


The problem is I only see 1 day Timestamp on the X-axis. How do i plot all the timestamp values on the x-axis for a line chart?

I used the following command :


select * from hive.cansignals.blkvolts_test

My table blkvolts_test have around timestamp fields in milliseconds. I only see '2019-05-28'. How can I see other timestamps present in my table?

ANy help is greatly appreciated.

@Jay Kumar SenSharma Do you have any idea about this?


@Jay Kumar SenSharma Do you have any idea?

Super Mentor

@shraddha srivastav

I apology for not been able to respond to your queries. I am not much familiar with the zeppelin graph customization/plotting.

I will try to find the answer.

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