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Polynote as an editor in CDSW


Polynote as an editor in CDSW

New Contributor

We currently use Jupyter Lab as an additional editor in CDSW and it's a great way to work on python code. It would be great to try out Polynote from Netflix as a way to maybe get a similar experience with scala code. I seen here that there are users who are using polynote in CDSW, so it should be doable, but I can't get it to work myself.


I installed polynote using conda and then tried the instructions outlined in Test a Browser IDE in a Session Before Installation, and though I was able to get to the polynote interface, it was mostly unresponsive, with the scala or the python kernels never getting started. Have other users been able to get this to work? (I've tested that conda install of polynote locally and it works fine)


In addition, I'm not sure how I would properly permanently add polynote as a "New Editor" since the port needs to be defined in a text file, how would I pass in the `${CDSW_APP_PORT}`?