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New Contributor

Hi ,


Could any help me with the port details (ike uni/ bidirectional) for a set up like below.


VLAN1 :- Utility and Gateway Nodes.

VLAN2 :- Master and Slave Nodes .


This is for me to satisfy the network team, but i need to find all the ports that would be needed to be opened between 2 VLANs and also need to know which of the ports need to be bi-directional and which are Uni directional.


Looked at CDH documentaion and could find all ports corresponding to each service, but could not find any with above details.


If any have faced a similiar requirement , please feel to share your findings.


Master Guru
We do not appear to have a document on this, but speaking from experience almost all of the ports follow a request response style between clients and servers, with the former making the connections, and never the opposite way.
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